Brink Literacy Project are proud to be partnered with mindSpark Learning to create and deliver this storytelling program for educators. Through this course, we seek to inspire teachers to realize their full potential and celebrate their everyday heroism through the act of telling their own story.

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The Problem

Teachers do so much more than simply teach lessons. They are responsible not only for their students’ academic growth, but for nurturing their social development, equipping them for life beyond education, and managing classroom behavior.  

The difficulties of this profession are reflected in the shocking statistic that almost 50% of teachers leave the profession within 5 years. In fact, the levels of daily stress reported by educators in the U.S. are on par with that of nurses.

The Program

Brink Literacy Project have partnered with the education nonprofit mindSpark Learning to create a professional learning experience centered around inspiring teachers to tell their compelling stories.

Our Illustrated Educators Program is a 6-week, graphic memoir course that utilizes the comic medium as a way for teachers to celebrate their everyday heroism through the act of telling their own story. Participants interact with celebrity comic creators, storyboard their own incredible tales and adventures as educators and work hand-in-hand with experts from both organizations to bring engaging storytelling back to their classrooms and students.  

Our Goals

In teaching a course specifically designed to support educators, we aim to:

  • Introduce teachers to innovative storytelling methods
  • Use storytelling to empower teachers and champion their work  
  • Strategically provide teachers with professional learning and resources to use storytelling as an educational tool
  • Provide educators with a professional experience that allows them to intersect with industry professionals and experts
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of our super educators


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When: Every Tuesday, September 24th – October 29th, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: mindSpark Learning (455 South Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226)

A Collaboration

Brink Literacy Project are thrilled to be partnered with mindSpark Learning to develop and deliver this program. This exciting collaboration allows us to reach new communities, enhance our level of support for our course participants, and offer an instructor team of experts from both organizations.

To find out more about the fantastic work of mindSpark Learning, please visit their website here.

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