Brink’s Youth Writing Program strives to make effective, engaging creative writing instruction accessible to young people, particularly those whose voices may otherwise go unheard. We offer educators an original curriculum and exceptional support services to increase students’ literacy skills and help them fall in love with reading and writing.

The Problem

According to a recent National Center for Education Statistics report, 66% of eighth graders and 62% of twelfth graders in the United States are reading below a proficient level. Unfortunately, these literacy rates have remained largely stagnant since 2002.

Brink Literacy Project believes that without a more authentic, relevant approach to literacy instruction, we can continue to expect nearly two-thirds of our students, in particular those being educated in low-literacy and low-income communities, to miss out on learning the literacy skills they need to succeed in life. We don’t accept that future.

Our Goals

In creating accessible, relevant creative writing instruction for the young people who need it most, Brink’s Youth Writing Program has three goals:

  1. To engage students with high-interest, project-based literacy activities that entice them to fall in love with reading and creative writing. 
  2. To solidify students’ motivation to pursue literacy activities by offering them relevant and authentic learning experiences, such as interacting with professional editors and publishing their work in local chapbooks, public readings, and online venues.
  3. To increase students’ literacy skills by engaging them with relevant and timely themes, helping them to develop a wide variety of reading comprehension skills, and addressing key literary terms.

Our Program

Our original and innovative curriculum is aimed at 9th – 12th graders and contains specific learning goals, pre- and post-assessment tools, and seven fully-packaged lesson plans that cover a wide variety of literary terms and topics. Each lesson includes a pre-writing activity, directions for implementation, suggested literature, worksheets to assist in reading comprehension, engaging post-reading activities, a creative writing project, and a grading rubric.

In addition to this curriculum, our staff team of industry professionals offers support services that include meetings with our Education Specialist, Senior Staff, and authors; potential publication of student work on our website; and exclusive cover art for your class’s chapbook, created by one of our esteemed artists.


Brink Literacy Project has run trials of its Youth Writing Program at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School in Cleveland, Ohio and at Urban Peak Community Center in Denver, Colorado. 

Data from these trials show that there was significant growth in students’ knowledge of literary terms. In fact, comparisons of our pre- and post-assessment data demonstrate an increase of over 34% in students’ abilities to identify the definitions of key literary terms.

Furthermore, our data showed a marked improvement in students’ attitudes toward themselves as readers and writers.


“This class is very innovative because it really puts us students at the center of the lessons.”

11th grade student

“As young kids, we go through a lot. This class helps you to express your feelings about going through those things. I would recommend it to anyone.”

10th grade student

“This is a class to release hurt and pain through words.”

10th grade student

Get Your Students Involved

If you are interested in teaching the Youth Writing Program at your school or club, please contact us.