Our Global Impact

Brink Literacy Project works worldwide to increase literacy rates and empower communities through storytelling.

Move around the map to see how many writers, artists, readers, and students we work with every year through our education programs, free online resource center, and publishing division.

Education Programs

Our education programs are delivered in England, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and the United States, including California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Community Outreach

Our global community includes universities and organizations in Afghanistan, Scotland, and 11 states within the United States, while 127,000 writers in 195 countries use our free online resources every year.

Publishing Impact

So far this year, we have published male, female, and non-binary writers from Armenia, England, Ghana, Haiti, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Scotland, and the United States. We have spent 1,850 staff hours offering free guidance and mentorship to writers of all backgrounds.

Partner With Us

By partnering with universities and community organizations around the world, Brink Literacy Project amplifies its ability to connect readers with new and unusual writing, arm students with vital professional experience, and provide space for diverse voices to tell their stories.

University Partnerships

Get Your Students Involved

Brink provides unparalleled professional experiences and guidance through its internship and resources

Community Partnerships

Partner With Us

Brink provides a publishing platform for the voices of underserved and diverse communities

Work for Us

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Brink staffers, you’ll quickly learn that almost every one of them was an intern once upon a time. By growing our staff team in this way, we raise up new and underrepresented voices within the heart of our organization. While our internships are a great way to get a crash course in the literary industry, they can often provide a path to what can become a long and rewarding professional relationship.

Eliza Browning Headshot

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to all aspects of the publishing industry, from editorial to marketing to production, and learn so many useful new skills. Brink’s staff is incredibly warm, supportive, and friendly, and guided me through the internship process while providing me with valuable individualized feedback along every step of the way. I know that I will bring the skills I’ve acquired to future opportunities.

Eliza Browning
Fall 2022 Intern
Jessenia Hernandez Headshot

I absolutely adored interning for Brink. The more I worked with this organization, the more I fell in love with their mission and the tangible evidence of their passion. I was able to explore facets of publishing that I never previously considered, gaining valuable experience with design, production, marketing, editing, and so much more. I will be able to carry these skills with me into the publishing industry, which I pursue now with more fervor and determination than ever. Brink staffers truly care about and believe in the power of stories, uplifting marginalized voices, and fostering a love for literature in our communities. Most of all, they care about and believe in people, and I’ve never felt more welcomed and supported in a professional environment.

Jessenia Hernandez
Fall 2021 Intern
Miki Schumacher Headshot

Working with Brink helped me to confirm a genuine interest in the field of editing and publication. While before I was not sure if this industry was something I could make a career out of, after my experiences through Brink I feel prepared, confident, and motivated to continue pursuing opportunities in this field. I truly did find the level of assignments to be an effective bridge between theory and industry work.

Miki Schumacher
Fall 2020 Intern

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