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Over the years, Brink Literacy Project has developed a number of innovative education initiatives focused on increasing literacy rates and utilizing storytelling to empower marginalized and underserved communities.

Frames Prison Program

The goal of the Frames Prison Program is to reduce recidivism and raise literacy rates in the US prison system. Through our graphic memoir course, we work with incarcerated individuals to develop their storytelling skills, promote literacy, spark critical thinking, and engender individual growth.

Youth Writing Program

Brink’s Youth Writing Program strives to make effective, engaging creative writing instruction accessible to all young people, particularly those whose voices may otherwise go unheard. Our intriguing lessons don’t just increase students’ literacy skills—they help students fall deeply in love with reading and writing.

Internship Program

As a vital part of Brink’s mission to elevate new and underrepresented voices in the publishing arena, our internship is aimed at bringing diverse experiences to the literary table. Designed to bridge the gap between learning about publishing and working in the industry, this rigorous program allows participants to develop skills in editing, editorial writing, outreach, and marketing.

Internship Program

Writer Mentorship

In seeking to empower individuals through the process of storytelling, Brink offers mentorship and professional guidance to literary aficionados from all walks of life. We offer free online resources and work intensively with new and emerging writers, editorial artists, and comic creators to offer mentorship opportunities. Additionally, we will shortly be relaunching our popular Free Editing Program. (You send us work. We edit it. It’s free. Yes, free!)

Illustrated Educators Program

Brink is proud to partner with mindSpark Learning to create and deliver this program for educators. Through this course, teachers interact with celebrity comic creators, storyboard their own incredible tales as educators, and work hand-in-hand with experts from both organizations to bring engaging storytelling back to their classrooms and students.

Illustrated Educators Program Mini Brand

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