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35,000 years ago, a paleolithic man stood before his tribe and told the story of a great hunt. 23,542 years from now, a sentient supercomputer will create a file labeled “Binary Poems about Feelings.”

Storytelling is a tradition that dates back to the beginning of human existence. Some of the oldest artifacts we possess of our ancestors are stories: tales of hardship and loss; tales of love and joy; tales, above all, of perseverance.

But with literacy rates stagnating, millions of people around the world struggle to access the education and resources necessary to learn to read and write.

At Brink Literacy Project, we believe that literacy is more than the ability to read and write. As we work worldwide to increase literacy rates, we also seek to foster a love of literature and use storytelling to empower underserved communities.

As such, all of our programs and services are focused on two main goals: cultivating great stories from writers of all backgrounds and increasing accessibility to these stories through the enhancement of reading and writing skills in low-literacy and marginalized communities.

Publishing is a vital part of enacting this mission. Many people never get the chance to tell their own story, raise their own voice.

But through our publishing platform, we provide space for new and underrepresented voices, encourage diverse communities to share their stories, and connect readers and writers around the world.

Our Publications

F(r)iction #19 3D


F(r)iction, Brink’s triannual literary journal, is at the heart of our mission to increase literacy rates and engagement with storytelling that pushes the boundaries of convention.

Each issue features work from a community partner, debut talent, and pioneering writers seeking to push the boundaries of the publishing industry. We strongly focus on championing new and underrepresented voices, pulling 30% of all our content from the slush pile. 

Through F(r)iction, we’re able to do exactly what we dreamed when Brink began over a decade ago—launch the careers of brilliant new authors and artists and energize the literary community.

To subscribe, submit, or read weird and wonderful editorial pieces, please go to our swanky F(r)iction site here!

A paradigm for modern magazines.

Weave Magazine

Visually and intellectually inspiring.

Nothing in the Rulebook

F(r)iction is something truly special.

The Sonder Review

A thing of beauty.

The Quivering Pen

Prison Comic Anthology

Coming soon!

Brink is gathering together an anthology of short graphic memoirs from our Frames Prison Program.

We are currently pairing students with celebrity comic editors, writers, and artists to bring the best stories from the program to life. Through publication of this book, we aim to increase awareness about the effects of illiteracy and shine a light on this often-overlooked population. Funds raised will allow Brink to create scholarships for inmates, enhance prison libraries, and provide vital resources to help end the cycle of incarceration.

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