Brink’s publishing internship program seeks to bring underrepresented and diverse voices into the publishing industry itself. Through our twelve-week program, interns learn the essential ins and outs of the industry and become crucial contributors to the positive social change Brink affects every day.

Internship Program

Professional Experience

Are you eager to foster a love of literature and stories? Do you believe in the power of the pen? Are you motivated by a desire to discover hidden gems of literary beauty and bring them to light?

An internship with Brink will provide you with firsthand experience in the publishing industry. Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between learning about publishing and working in the business.

Brink offers three internship sessions every year—spring, summer, and fall—with each internship lasting twelve weeks.

Our internships are conducted entirely online, so applicants from anywhere in the world can participate in this remote publishing internship as long as they have access to WiFi.

Our Program


Guided by our professional staff, interns will receive extensive editorial training that covers everything from initial content and broad structural editing to perfecting final copies. Interns will work with general and contest submissions, polish pieces to be published in F(r)iction, and try their hands at both navigating the slush pile and managing celebrity authors.


Working with Publishing Director Andrew Jimenez, interns will assist in the creation of F(r)iction. Interns will gain experience in every step of the publication process, including editing and general content management. Additionally, interns are asked to assist with the marketing and distribution of F(r)iction.


Guided by Outreach Director Mia Herman, interns will gain experience in industry correspondence: they will reach out to literary agents and publicists, request advance review copies for the season’s most anticipated books, and conduct Q&As with celebrity authors.

Editorial Writing

Brink provides interns with the opportunity to hone their own craft and technique in order to sharpen their editorial lens. Interns will write short pieces for group writing projects such as Dually Noted and draft book reviews for upcoming titles.


Interns will work alongside Marketing Director Kaley Kiermayr and assist with the management of marketing materials, social media accounts, and online publications.


Kenneth Fleming Headshot

From gaining hands-on experience editing manuscripts and writing editorials to conducting author interviews and reaching out to agents and publicists, the internship was structured in a way that allowed me to receive excellent feedback from the team of senior editors. This internship didn’t just improve my writing and editing; it made me a better literary citizen.”

Kenneth Fleming
Spring 2018 Intern

Completing an internship with Brink gave me the confidence I needed to begin submitting my creative work to literary magazines. It made me realize that, with passion, a person can find a happy, sustainable career in the publishing industry, and it helped instill in me the knowledge I needed to make that career possible.

Dylan Louis
Fall 2017 Intern
Dylan Louis Headshot
Stefanie Molina Headshot 2

This internship is honestly responsible for where I’m at in my career today as a full-time freelance fiction editor. Without it, breaking into the field would have been much harder and involved many more sacrifices; I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to begin working here.

Stefanie Molina
Summer 2015 Intern

How to Apply

Applications for our Spring 2019 cycle are currently open!

Internship Dates: January – April 2019

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018

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