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F(r)iction, Brink’s literary journal, is both a passion project and industry disrupter. Printed triannually and distributed around the world, F(r)iction publishes work from bold, new writers to pioneering leaders in the industry, spotlighting underrepresented voices and celebrating the weird and wonderful.

F(r)iction Issue Lineup

About F(r)iction

F(r)iction, Brink’s triannual literary journal, is at the heart of our mission to increase literacy rates and engagement with storytelling that pushes the boundaries of convention.

Drawing together the best works from our education programs and submissions, we pull more than 50% of the content in each issue from our slush pile, working closely with authors to hone their work and arm them with the skills to succeed in the publishing industry.

Each issue also features work from a community partner, spotlighting marginalized and underrepresented voices that are often ignored by the mainstream publishing industry. Partners include the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, Lambda Literary, and Veteran’s Writing Project.

We also publish diverse talent, from debut authors to pioneering writers seeking to push the boundaries. Our celebrity writers range from international literary greats, such as Alasdair Gray, to trailblazers who are carving out a unique space in the literary field, such as Jeff VanderMeer. Along the way, we’ve published poetry by Kwame Dawes and Mary Ruefle, flash fiction from Kathy Fish and David Galef, prose by Christopher Moore and Kirsty Logan, and nonfiction by Lee Gutkind and Phillip Lopate.

And if that wasn’t crazy enough, each issue also includes an original short comic and custom artwork to accompany every piece, creating a collection that is as visually engaging as the stories within.

Take a risk. Break with tradition.

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Latest Issue

F(r)iction #11

F(r)iction #11

The Island Issue

Here you’ll find an archipelago of lush new islands to explore—tales of loss, redemption, revenge, and a vampire brooding with penguins. Lydia Davis muses in a lonely traveler’s stream of consciousness. Creative nonfiction by Lee Gutkind forces us to confront the erosion that occurs as memory laps upon the shore of truth. Mark Jacobs tells the story of an unlikely friendship born of tragedy in a tropical paradise. Poems by CAConrad explore the nature of freedom, time, and personal identity. And, in an exclusive feature, Kwame Dawes shares new work and talks to us about his artistic heritage, faith, and the ways in which social media both isolates and enjoins. Merging fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and a powerful feature with Writers Without Margins, F(r)iction #11 invites you to island-hop on the weirdest literary adventure imaginable.

Praise for F(r)iction

All of the work which graces the pages of this unique and necessary publication reaches deeply, viscerally inside you and takes root, spreads out, lacing into instinct, into our fundamental selves, this vast experience of humanity. F(r)iction is something truly special.

The Sonder Review

F(r)iction burns with a true passion for literature, for the written word, and, most importantly of all: for new ideas—which are so often lacking in contemporary publishing.

Nothing in the Rulebook

F(r)iction is dedicated to changing the face of literary journals—illuminating the splendor of full-color artwork, writing that takes risks, and stories that deserve to be written.


Publishing Internships

Internship Program

Brink’s publishing internship program seeks to bring underrepresented and diverse voices into the publishing industry itself. We offer three publishing internship sessions per year, in the spring, summer, and fall. Our twelve-week program is conducted entirely online, so applicants from anywhere in the world can participate in this remote publishing internship as long as they have access to WiFi.